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The best products are born when a skilled maker starts simple, then works attentively and collaboratively until the desired outcome is achieved. We build web software the same way.
(It's the best way)

Our Process

Software development doesn’t need to involve exhaustive planning or obsolete technical processes.


Our process engages users early, and builds early, which:


Our Work


Talk: Rails Saved Me From Depression

I give a 5 minute talk at Rulu in June. I had a blast and received some great feedback. Check it out!

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Strategies for Overcoming Startup Depression

I’ve tried to develop (or start) 5 products over the past two years. Not one has made me a penny of income. When reading hacker news, micropreneur academy forums and talking with friends who “are making it,” I get frustrated and anxious: “Why not me? How come every business I try and develop fails?” Then I get all […]

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The Real Ethics of Outsourcing With Odesk and Elance

I have found in at least 3 of my web product attempts, paying a trusted outsourcer to do the work has allowed me to fail faster (a good thing according to lean methodology) than if I had to do the routine tasks (for maybe an hour a day) plus do the high level work (2 […]

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Lean Startup (Part 3) – KidJaunt Case Study

This is 3 part of a series of our web product attempted in 2011.. and how they did How it started: I hate hearing people say Montreal and Toronto have so much to do, but Ottawa is so boring.  I know from experience there is a ton of stuff happening in this city.  The difficulty […]

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Lean Startup (Part 2) – NeedSomeCleaning Case Study

An idea that got tested a thrown out after 2 hours and $200. This is 3 part of a series of our web product attempted in 2011.. and how they did How it started: After the thing, I was determined to find something that worked.  My wife and I were over at Brad and Rachelle’s place, and […]

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Lean Startup (Part 1) – Case Study

This is 3 part of a series of our web product attempted in 2011.. and how they did. I have always really wanted to create a successful SaaS product that would be useful enough to people that they would pay me monthly to keep it going.  For years I have studied and tried to come […]

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HackOTT: How We Won and How You Can Too!

My friend Brad and I participated in an App competition on Feb 26, 2011. The challenge was to use any of the APIs provided at the event and build a working app within 5-6 hours. We successfully built Reservely and we ended up with first prize: A big screen TV. Screen of Reservely First off, I’ve never won anything […]

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